The Origin Series

Final Origin

(Book I of the Origin Series)

Sci-Fi Thriller

The day the world changed is the day no one can remember.

For Jace Aldridge, wiping memories is just part of a hard day’s work. Memories are a nuisance. They hold back progress and keep people mired in a useless past full of sentimentality. People don’t want to stay shackled to┬áthe past. Or so Mnemoniks Industries has always told him. And Jace has always believed every word.

But as a Memory Storage Specialist, tasked with tagging and filing memories in case they ever need to be accessed, Jace begins to notice patterns. There’s a block at the same memory marker in every person who comes to the Download Room. And when someone breaches the block during a routine download and dies, Jace suddenly realizes that he is caught in a web of lies…and that his own memory has been blocked, just like everyone else’s.

Everyone’s, that is, except for that of the beautiful recluse known as Thea Slater. Debilitated by her ability to remember everything and guarded by a secret society known as the Discipuli, Thea is the key to unlocking the mystery of the past.

But MNI wants Thea dead, and Jace is sent to infiltrate the Discipuli and assassinate her. He learns that the Discipuli want just enough of Thea’s memory erased to release the truth, and Jace is the only one with the skill to do it. Her fate now rests in Jace’s hands.

Will he unlock Thea’s memory and fuel a revolution? Or will he turn back to the only life he can remember?

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