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The Silesia Trilogy is now available!!!

{Find it on Amazon — or click the link on our homepage!}

It’s an amazing feeling to have finished a series…and I’m so excited to begin the next!

I have two WIPs that I hope to release in 2015: a dystopic novel called Final Origin and an historical fiction novel called This Other Eden. 

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The Origin Series

Final Origin (Book I of the Origin Series) Sci-Fi Thriller The day the world changed is the day no one can remember. For Jace Aldridge, wiping memories is just part of a hard day’s work. Memories are a nuisance. They hold back progress and keep people mired in a useless past full of sentimentality. People …

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The Silesia Trilogy

The Outworlder An assassin haunted by her past. A desert world with no hope of a future. An evil collective bent on their total annihilation.  For virtuoso assassin Sahara Acwellan, this flight was supposed to be her last. Convicted of slaying the Dragon-Lord Chieftain on her homeworld and sentenced to the labor camps on the …

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