The Silesia Trilogy

The Outworlder

An assassin haunted by her past. A desert world with no hope of a future. An evil collective bent on their total annihilation. 

For virtuoso assassin Sahara Acwellan, this flight was supposed to be her last. Convicted of slaying the Dragon-Lord Chieftain on her homeworld and sentenced to the labor camps on the desert world of Silesia, Sahara’s brilliant career as a freedom fighter has been cut short. But when fate intervenes and her prison transport crashes in the sands, she might have a second chance to finish what she started.

All that stands in her way is Jared Alareth, the warrior turned apprentice healer with a past as shattered as her own. He rescues her from the desert and brings her to his home city of Albadir, but Sahara’s plans have nothing to do with moving on and everything to do with vengeance. As Sahara sweeps Jared and his people into a conflict they have tried so desperately to avoid, they discover that the treachery of the Dragon-Lords goes deeper than they could ever have imagined.

And when Sahara’s fate becomes twined with that of everything Jared loves, will he find the courage to save her and his people before it’s too late?

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The Lords of Askalon

They gained their freedom.

And lost everything.

Jared, Sahara, and their friends destroyed the Dragon-Lords and ended their reign of terror, but not before the Dragon-Lords exiled the people of Albadir into the void of space on a disabled ship. Determined to find their people and bring them home, they gamble everything on a desperate rescue operation.

But nothing can prepare them for the deadly truth. As they track the ship across the system, from the prison mood on K’ilenfir to Brytnoth’s Askalon, they discover the price of their victory over the Dragon-Lords. For a new tyranny has risen from the ashes of the Dragon-Lords’ rule–a ruthless paramilitary gang of drug lords and slave dealers headed by a group called the Triumvirate, which is now poised to decimate anyone and any world that stands in the way of their quest for power.

The stakes have never been higher. The danger has never been greater. And when Jared and Sahara discover that their people have fallen into the Triumvirate’s clutches, they must make a terrible choice. Will they fight for freedom once again?

And if they do, what will be the cost this time?

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The Artifex

They thought they had destroyed the evil.  
It was only asleep.

When Sahara, Jared and Deor fought to overthrow the Triumvirate and free the planet Askalon, their victory was won at a bitter cost. Now that the Lords of Askalon have been restored, they find themselves faced with a debt they cannot pay. The Triumvirate had promised Azimir, ruler of the planet Halcyon, what they never intended to deliver–a shipment of zanthos too dangerous to be placed in the hands of one man.
The Lords of Askalon send Sahara, Jared and Rafe to Halcyon in a desperate attempt to renegotiate the terms of the debt.  But the welcome they receive is not the one they expected.  The team on Halcyon is scattered.  The situation on Askalon begins to unravel.  And secrets and plots too long buried come creeping back to light.
As Deor and Brytnoth race to save Askalon from collapse, Sahara struggles to overcome the demons of her past once and for all. But Jared must face a greater darkness than all of them, and he must face it alone.
A slumbering evil has awoken, and the fate of all worlds now hangs in the balance.

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