Feb 21

Welcome to Up Close!

This is going to be a new feature on the SisterMuses blog. Every Friday, we’ll feature a behind-the-scenes peek into our current works in progress! We have three projects underway right now — J. Leigh is madly working on Scion (Madness Method 2), I’m kicking off a brand-new series with Final Origin, and we’re collaborating on an exciting episodic fiction project! We hope you enjoy what we have in store for you!

We’ll feature character “interviews” and profiles, concept work, plotting drama, and general reality-show-quality meltdowns  perspectives on our work. We’re so excited to bring you this fresh new part of our SisterMuses site!

We’ll also have podcasts and videos on occasion, where you can watch us as we work through the slumps and bumps and madness that accompany any kind of creative venture!

If you want to just read fan posts like these, be sure to click the “Up Close” category!

Happy reading!

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