Feb 16

Our First SisterMuses Giveaway!

Hey everyone!

We are so excited to offer our first giveaway! From February 16th until the 28th, you can enter to win an autographed set of SisterMuses Firsts — The Outworlder (Book I of the Silesia Trilogy), Down a Lost Road (Book I of the Lost Road Chronicles), and The Madness Project (Book I of the Madness Method)!

We’ll notify you by email if you’ve won! And if you love giveaways (who doesn’t?)…don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter! We’ll have a giveaway every quarter — and we love our advance reviewers, who always score a free copy of our latest releases!

The Outworlder (Silesia #1)

Giveaway 1

Sahara should never have survived when her transport ship crashed into the desert world of Silesia. Virtuoso assassin and convict, Sahara carries the weight of a past she only wants to forget, but can never seem to escape.  Rescued from the desert by Jared Alareth, a man with as many secrets as her, Sahara discovers that not all is as it seems in the city of Albadir.  As Jared’s people face a new danger, will Sahara’s past destroy them all, or is it the key to their survival?


Down a Lost Road (Lost Road Chronicles #1)

Giveaway 2

Every family has its secrets.  For Merelin Lindon, the only secret she knew about was the reason behind her father’s disappearance. When she finds herself swept into the strange world of Arah Byen, she discovers that not only is its past tied to Earth’s…it is also somehow linked to her own. When she and a mysterious boy named Yatol set out to solve the mystery of her father’s fate, they realize that uncovering the truth may cost more than they ever imagined…


The Madness Project (The Madness Method #1)

Giveaway 3

Tarik Trabinis is the Crown Prince of Cavnal, and a mage in a world that despises magic. After keeping his gift a secret for sixteen years, he must now use it to infiltrate a secret society that may be plotting revolution. On the streets he meets Hayli, a mage who, like him, feels lost between worlds.  Tarik knows she is key to his mission’s success, but how far will he go to learn the truth?  In a world of crime and violent ambition, trust is sacred…but trust is a lot to ask when everything you do is a lie.



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